Frecuently Asked Questions

TechPatient CARDIO V4 Simulator

Can a 12 leads ECG simulator be used on 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6 leads diagnostic devices?

Yes, the simulator generates electric signals in 12 leads (10 connectors) but a fewer number of leads can always be acquired. We recommend to keep the unused outputs disconnected and untouched by the operator to minimize electric noise.

What’s the minimum increment on the Beats Per Minute (BPM) selection?

The minimum increment is 1 BPM from 20 BPM to 240 BPM and 2 BPM from 240 BPM to 300 BPM.

Which are the rhythms simulated on each mode?

ECG Mode simulation generates sinus rhythms of variable frequency, amplitude and HRV. Ritmic Mode simulation generates sinus, ventricular, junctional and supraventricular rhythms, pacemaker rhythms, conduction defects and other abnormalities with variable amplitude.

Is it necessary to recalibrate every year?

Devices have two sets of accuracy specifications: calibrated specifications, valid for 12 months, and manufacturing specifications, valid for 24 months. The recommended calibration period is based on the required specifications. Both specifications can be found on the device Operator’s Manual.

Can the simulator be connected to a defibrillator?

The simulator must NOT be connected to the defibrillator paddles or discharge pads, any voluntary or involuntary defibrillator or cardioversion discharge will destroy the device and void its warranty. The device can be connected to the diagnostic or monitoring terminals of a defibrillator that has monitoring or recording functionality.

What type of voltage adapter is used by the device?

The device uses a 9VDC linear voltage adapter or power supply with a DC plug connector with 5.5mm x 2.5mm dimensions, positive terminal to the center. We can supply these wall adapters to US customers that request them when placing their order.

How do you visualize the cardiac signal?

To visualize the cardiac waveform you must connect the simulator to a cardiac diagnostic device and activate measurement. If connected to an EKG machine/recorder, the signal will be visualized on paper. If connected to a patient monitor, the signal will be visualized on its screen. If connected to a Holter recorder, the signal will be stored and can later be visualized while analyzing the memory record on a computer.

Is every unit calibrated or only those with a calibration certificate? When are they calibrated?

Every device is factory calibrated before being shipped to our offices. Calibration and test records are stored, and a calibration certificate is issued with that data only to customers who request it. The additional cost is US$ 35.- and the certificate includes customer information. The certificate has both the issuance date and the actual calibration date.

What’s the recalibration cost? How long does it take to recalibrate?

Recalibration cost for the TechPatient CARDIO V4 simulator is US$ 60.- for domestic customers and US$ 75.- for international customers. There’s a US$ 10.- per unit discount if recalibrating more than one unit simultaneously. The unit must be sent back to our factory by the customer after receiving an RMA #. Return shipping to the customer is prepaid by us and then billed to the customer.

Where are the devices manufactured?

The devices are manufactured in Leesburg, Virginia, USA at an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facility.

Is TechPatient CARDIO V4 simulator a medical device?

No, the TechPatient CARDIO V4 simulator is an electronic test signal generator and is NOT classified as a medical device by the current legal definition. It does not perform tests, practices or diagnostics on any kind of patients, human or animal. It is not used in presence of any kind of patients, nor can it connect remotely to any devices connected to patients. It also cannot be used in conjunction with any human, animal or plant tissue.

Do you accept Purchase Orders? How do I order with a PO?

We accept Purchase Orders from pre-qualified companies and institutions. To place an order with a PO please contact us at salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom or place the order online and indicate Purchase Order as payment method. The PO must include billing and shipping addresses, part number and description, pricing and shipping cost (or the word add). It must include a handwritten signature or a certified digital signature of the authorized purchaser.

Can I send a Purchase Order through mail, email or fax?

You can mail a PO to our office address, email it to salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom o fax it to (866) 921-4971 as long as it complies with the rules described above. In case you mail the PO, please send a warning email so we expect the incoming mail piece.

I have a PO number or internal order number that must be included on invoices and/or identify the package, how should I proceed?

You must include this number on the second line address on the Billing Address panel while placing the order online. If you have additional instructions on package identification, they must be mailed to salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom in response to the order confirmation email.

How does the Collect On Delivery method works?

Within the US and Canada the shipping company UPS provides us the ability to collect a check, cashier check or money order (never cash) upon delivery of the package. This payment method has an additional charge.

When does Florida Sales Tax apply to my order? What’s the tax rate?

We must collect Florida Sales Tax on all purchases for final consumers (individuals or companies) delivered within the State of Florida. The tax rate is 6% plus 1% county surcharge, for a total of 7%.

Can I order and pay from one country but get delivery to another one or to the US?

Yes, although these orders are subject to additional scrutiny both from us and from our payment providers, which may delay order processing an additional business day. Under suspicion or doubt, we’ll require additional personal documentation of the payer and receiver.

Can I order more than 10 units? What’s the procedure?

Yes, we process volume orders and there are convenient discounts. You must first request a quote by sending an email to salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom, and in case you agree with our quote on products and services, we then quote shipping cost from the different shipping companies that service your area

What’s the return policy?

We accept returns (shipping charges paid by customer) within 10 business days from package delivery. The return must be requested to returnsterraheinstrumentsmarcom providing the device serial #, waiting to receive an RMA # and sending the unit back to our factory. The unit is then inspected and recalibrated for the next customer. In case of successful recalibration we refund the amount paid for the unit withholding a 20% Restocking Fee. No refund is provided on shipping charges. If the unit is sent back to our offices and we must then forward it to our factory, the extra shipping charge will also be withheld. We apply a similar policy for devices returned by customs due to import duties non-payment or inability to clear customs.

Can I order spare parts? What’s the procedure?

Yes, you can order them by sending an email to supportterraheinstrumentsmarcom, we’ll provide a quote and the payment methods available.

Will I get an invoice for my order? What items are included?

Yes, you’ll receive an invoice that will include the cost of the products, the shipping and insurance cost, and any taxes paid to us. Services, such as the issuance of a calibration certificate, are invoiced separately.

Can I get a demonstration unit first and then place a volumen order?

The demonstration unit will need to be purchased at single unit pricing. Upon receiving a volume order, at the request of the customer we’ll extend the volume discount to this first demonstration unit, so all units cost the same.

We are a university, scientific or education institution, is there a special discount?

In cases where our devices are used for investigation and later mentioned on scientific publications (papers, scientific magazine articles, demonstration videos, etc.) we can offer convenient and mutually beneficial discounts.

Can I order and/or resell under the drop-shipping method? Do you support blind-shipping?

Yes, you can use the drop-shipping method without limitations. Returns due to improper or untruthful publishing will be subject to an additional 30% Restocking Fee. We can process blind-shipping orders (paper invoice removal and/or replacement for drop-shipper’s invoice). Our invoice is then sent to the buyer by email.

Can I pay with a credit or debit card on the phone? Can I send my credit card details over email or fax?

No, we don’t accept credit card details sent through non-secure channels (phone, mail, email, fax, etc.) We only accept credit card payments through the secure and encrypted ecommerce platform. Any such data received irregularly will be promptly deleted from our servers and the customer will be notified immediately.

I have a sales tax certificate (Florida Resale Certificate o Florida Sales Tax Exemption Certificate), how should I proceed not to pay sales tax?

You must include certificate number on the Taxpayer ID field and the (exempt) legend. You must then send a copy of the certificate by email to salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom o fax it to (866) 921-4971. Sales tax collected will be refunded immediately.

I need to send the package to a freight forwarder in Florida that will then re-export it to my country, do I still have to pay Florida Sales? How can I avoid it?

Initially you’ll have to pay Florida Sales Tax. After receiving and re-exporting the package, you’ll have to request a letter for the freight forwarder to fill out and sign, and have it send us the Bill of Landing or Air Waybill for the export. Only then can we refund the full sales tax collected.

Do you accept Western Union Payments? Which payment methods?

Yes, we accept Western Union payments under Bank Deposit (deposit to our bank account) and Money Order (delivery of a money order to our offices) methods. We do NOT accept payments though the Money Transfer / Cash Pickup methods, we do not handle cash payments.

Can I pay cash? What’s the procedure?

You must request a bank deposit proforma invoice that will include our bank account number. Then you’ll need to go to a Wells Fargo Bank, NA branch to complete your deposit. Finally you must send us a copy of the bank deposit ticket and a copy of your ID by email or fax, for us to assign the payment.

When does the bank wire fee apply? Can you avoid it?

The US$ 10.- bank wire transfer fee applies to all payments by international bank transfers of less than US$ 500.-. It’s applied to absorb the charges withheld randomly by intermediary banks handling the wires. It can be waived upon customer request, but if less than the full invoice amount is credited to our account, the order will be put on hold and we'll only accept a credit card payment for the balance.

Do you accept Bitcoin payments?

Yes, we accept Bitcoin payments through the BitPay platform. The product pricing is set in US dollars only, so the platform converts to Bitcoin temporarily and for a short time period, and provides the customer a QR code (Bitcoin address) to complete Bitcoin payment.

What does Alternative Method mean?

We are a flexible company and we are aware of the differential payment needs of central and emerging countries. Therefore we are open to customer suggestions on alternative payment methods for their orders.

What’s the difference between mail and courier shipping? What’s the small package regime?

Mail shipping services are the different transport services provided by the official postal offices of each country that’s a member of the International Postal Network. Courier shipping services are the services offered by private shipping companies such FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, etc. The small package regime is a simplified clearance regime implemented by customs for the processing of packages with small quantities ordered by final consumers (individuals or companies).

The devices are shipped from the US free of any taxes but customs offices at destination countries may impose taxes, charges, duties, etc. Customs charges are pre-paid by shipping companies and collected later from the customer (legal importer) upon delivery to avoid delays. Some typical charges are: import duties, VAT or sales tax, brokerage or clearance charges. Some of these charges such as VAT can be taken as a tax credit.

Typical order processing takes 1 business day unless otherwise indicated. Delivery times depend on the shipping service requested. Within the US there are overnight options and ground options that take up to 7 days. International orders delivery takes 3 to 12 days depending on the service and the shipping company.

We can coordinate pick up at our logistics supplier offices in Miami. This service has an additional charge and packages must be picked up using a photo ID. We don’t accept pickups at our offices.

We ship to every country covered by the International Postal Network or the distribution networks of FedEx, UPS or DHL. We don’t ship to countries explicitly forbidden by embargos or sanctions, according to the current US legislation. We also don’t accept payments from such countries or from companies linked to such countries.

We can use FedEx or DHL customers’ shipper accounts directly. For UPS, TNT or other accounts, customers must coordinate pickup. In all these cases a US$ 10.- Handling Fee applies on orders under US$ 500.-.

Yes, however shipping costs and discounts will be quoted on a case by case basis. We recommend you request a previous quote by email to salesterraheinstrumentsmarcom .

Small orders are shipped from Lake Worth, Florida, USA. Wholesale orders, depending on volume, are shipped directly from our factory in Leesburg, Virginia, USA.

The TechPatient CARDIO is classified as an Electronic Signal Generator and the US tariff classification is HTS 8543.20.00.00.

No, we always declare the full invoice amount for customs purposes. Only services, such as the issuance of a calibration certificate, are invoiced separately to avoid our customers additional customs duties.

We always include a certificate of origin on international orders. If you’ll receive you package in the US but intend to export it, please indicate the legend (for export), and we’ll issue a certificate of origin to simplify that export.