Calibration certificate

Declaration of Traceability

Traceable calibration to national standards (NIST).

Declaration of Conformity

Conformity to manufacturing specifications.

Measurement Data and Uncertainty

Calibration measurements with associated uncertainty.

When reliability is crucial,
our products are up to the challenge.

Calibration Equipment Shadow
Factory Calibration and Traceability

HE Instruments devices are factory calibrated after manufacturing testing.

Calibration standards are traceable to NIST (the US National Institute of Standards and Technology) and calibration information is available on request.

Calibration certificates are issued to customers requesting them for an additional fee. They include product identification, customer identification, standards identification, measurement data and uncertainty (including ambient conditions), declaration of traceability and conformity.

Annual and bi-annual factory recalibrations are also provided.

Accredited Labs Shadow
Accredited Lab Calibration

HE Instruments has reached an agreement with a2La accredited labs.

They offer Z540 calibration with or without measurement data, traceable to NIST standards, for current and older versions of our devices.

They can calibrate devices prior to shipping to customers, or perform annual and bi-annual recalibrations.