Fully configurable

User selection of heart rate and amplitude mean and variability.

Noise testing

Advanced testing with
real life noise sources
and artifacts.

Up to 12 leads connection

Multiple connection options for extended compatibility.

Portable device

Easy portability and battery operation for use on-the-go.

DSP level injection

High level signal injection for circuit level device testing.

Made By ISO 9001 factory

Quality control and traceability on every manufacturing step.

Arrythmia Simulation

Arrythmia Simulation

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Calibration Certificate

Calibration Certificate

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Patient Cables, Leadwires and Adapters

Additional Accessories

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When reliability is crucial,
our products are up to the challenge.

Ritmic Module in action generating a sinus rhythm with multifocal premature ventricular contractions (PVCs).

For a complete list of available cardiac rhythms please access the Ritmic Module rhythms list.

Our product has been selected by National Instruments to test and develop their new ECG starter kit.

It has also been displayed with their development kits at the Embedded Systems Conference.


HE Instruments

HE Instruments

HE Instruments is a competitive company that integrates modern technology with highly qualified human resources. We provide state-of-the-art electronic products for the biomedical market.

Our goal is to introduce our solutions into non-traditional markets where retail international trade and a comprehensive customer support are highly valued.

Our belief is that only high quality standards can give our customers enough confidence to make decisions based on our products and that will ultimately improve patients' lives.