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TechPatient CARDIO   TechPatient CARDIO
+ Ritmic MODULE   TechPatient CARDIO
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TechPatient CARDIO ECG Simulator

TechPatient CARDIO V3 ECG Simulator
with Ritmic Module Installed

+ 10 Snap/Grabber Adapters

Neoprene™ travel holster
Operator's manual
+ Ritmic Module user manual
Product's warranty
Hi-signal alligator cable

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The courier import/export regime is available in most countries for the international trading of small packages under 50kg and US$ 1000.- FOB.
In this simplified regime the packages are handled by the courier company, needing no intervention from an external customs dispatcher. Therefore the customer needs no import license to receive the package.
Customs duties and processing charges are to be paid to the courier company upon receipt of the shipment.
Retail orders are shipped from Lake Worth, Florida (33461), United States.

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