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Multiple rhythms with automatic sequencing

The Ritmic Module arrhythmia simulator features more than forty cardiac rhythms including sinus, nodal, ventricular, supraventricular and paced rhythms (list).

Automatic sequencing is especially useful for product show off on trade fairs and events. Random sequencing has also been included for medical educators and paramedic instructors to train and challenge their students to recognize the simulated arrhythmia.


Additive noise sources introduce artifacts

The TechPatient CARDIO ECG simulator includes additive noise sources that can be used to test device response or to introduce artifacts to the arrhythmia tracings.

The user can select among line noise (related to poor ground connections), base line wandering (related to poor electrode conductivity), muscle tremor, power supply noise and more. Every noise source is compatible with the Ritmic Module.

Advanced Noise Testing
Biopotential multi-connectors

Biopotential multi-connectors

The biopotential multi-connectors provide an enhanced compatibility for testing diagnostic equipment with 4mm Snap-Socket (Grabber), 4mm Banana and 2mm Pin patient cables. Din 3.0 adapters are included on demand.

This ten biopotential outputs also provide compatibility with ECG diagnostic equipment
using 3 leads, 5 leads and 12 leads patient cables.


High signal output

A 200x preamplified Lead II output signal is available to the user through the hi-signal output alligator cable.

This easy to use signal source is fully compatible with 3.3V and 2.5V analog-digital converters and lets the biomedical software engineer start product testing before the front-end hardware amplifiers have even been designed.

High Signal Output
Neoprene™ travel holster

Neoprene™ travel holster

The Neoprene™ travel holster protects the simulators from shocks and moisture
while easing its transport. Its flexible structure helps you carry cables or even a
spare battery.

When you are on the go, attach it to your belt to have your simulator at hand every
time you need it.


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