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Ritmic Module Arrhythmia
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TechPatient TechPatient CARDIO
Ritmic Module Arrhythmia Simulator Ritmic Ritmic Module Cardiac Rhythms Simulator

converts a standard ECG Simulator
into a full featured Arrhythmia Simulator

from Sinus Tachycardia to Ventricular Fibrillation, you
can select from a dataset of 45 different cardiac rhythms

real-life noise sources available during simulation to increase the challenge





The Ritmic Module is an Arrhythmia Simulation Software Module installed on demand to the standard TechPatient CARDIO V3 ECG simulator, converting it into a full featured Arrhythmia Simulator.

It provides access to a 12-leads dataset of 45 cardiac rhythms designed for general medicine, cardiology, BLS and ACLS teaching. This dataset is also useful for diagnostic equipment developers, that need to challenge their designs and make sure they work within specs for those who need them the most.

Automatic rhythm sequencing is also a key feature for medical equipment retailers and manufacturers, who need an eye catching performance on trade shows and promotional videos. The random mode enables teachers to have their students recognize the different arrhtyhmias.

Ritmic Module Arrhithmia Simulation

Click Play to watch the TechPatient CARDIO V3 plus Ritmic Module in action with automatic sequencing enabled and x1 ampltude pacemaker spikes. For a complete list of cardiac rhythms available please check the product Specifications.

National Instruments ECG Starter Kit

Our product has been selected by National Instruments to test and develop their new ECG starter kit.
It has also been displayed with their development kits at the Embedded Systems Conference. Click Play to watch the video.


TechPatient CARDIO V4 is manufactured in Virginia, USA by an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility.


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